Start-up Visa企业创业移民


Start-up Visa (SUV)项目是联邦投资移民项目,主要针对高精尖企业家来加拿大创建公司和研发机构,为加拿大提升国际竞争力,创建就业机会,同时企业产品能够有利于社会发展。这个项目的重点在于是否有天使投资机构或者风投机构愿意投资申请人的项目。一般需要16-24个月的审批时间。


  • 证明你的商业计划被一家指定的投资机构认可并支持

       – 指定的风险投资基金:至少获得20万加币投入

       – 指定的天使投资基金:至少获得7.5万加币投入

       – 指定的企业孵化器(IRCC官网有罗列符合要求的公司名称)

  • 每个企业最多可以获得5个移民申请,每个移民申请人至少拥有该企业10%股份。投资机构和所有移民申请人共同拥有超过50%股份
  • 需要满足英文CLB5要求(雅思成绩:听力5,阅读4,写作5,口语5)
  • 有足够定居资金并通过体检和背景调查


Start-up Visa企業創業移民

Start-up Visa (SUV)項目是聯邦投資移民項目,主要針對高精尖企業家來加拿大創建公司和研發機構,為加拿大提升國際競爭力,創建就業機會,同時企業產品能夠有利於社會發展。這個項目的重點在於是否有天使投資機構或者風投機構願意投資申請人的項目。一般需要16-24個月的審批時間。


  • l證明你的商業計劃被一家指定的投資機構認可並支持

       – 指定的風險投資基金:至少獲得20萬加幣投入

       – 指定的天使投資基金:至少獲得7.5萬加幣投入

       – 指定的企業孵化器(IRCC官網有羅列符合要求的公司名稱)

  • l每個企業最多可以獲得5個移民申請,每個移民申請人至少擁有該企業10%股份。投資機構和所有移民申請人共同擁有超過50%股份
  • l需要滿足英文CLB5要求(雅思成績:聽力5,閱讀4,寫作5,口語5)
  • l有足夠定居資金並通過體檢和背景調查


Start-up Visa Program

Start-up Visa (SUV)is a federal investment program, which mainly attract high-end people who have great ideas or unique technologies that could benefit Canada and society as a whole. The key point is whether the applicant’s idea or technology could be accepted and invested by one of the designated angel investor group or venture capital fund or business incubator.  It usually takes about 16-24 months to process.

The requirement:

  • Letter of support by the designated angel investor group or venture capital fund or     business incubator; (Minimum financial commitment of $200,000 from venture capital fund or $75,000 from an angel investor, or acceptance into a business incubator program)
  • Up to 5 applicants for one business are allowed if: each holds at least 10% voting rights and jointly with the designated organization hold more than 50% voting rights
  • Language requirement of CLB5+ in English or French
  • Proof of sufficient settlement funds, and pass the medical exam as well as a security background check

For more detailed information, please contact us.

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